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Earn 40% recurring commissions (appx. $400+ per sale)

Is CMS right for my peeps?

CMS stands for "Clarity, Momentum, Success."

CMS is an affordable suite of membership programs for solopreneurs who want to be able to DIY their online businesses, on a budget, even if they're not "techie."

CMS includes:

A proven step-by-step plan to DIY a simple, successful online business on a budget.

Multiple touch points every month to get specific questions answered. (No more getting stuck on tech.)

A complete "Tech Library" with click-by-click tutorials for the easiest & most affordable tools (start your biz for free!)...

A rock-solid foundation - an A-Z standalone program AND the perfect complement to programs with clients that fall behind due to tech or beginner strategic issues.

CMS is the perfect program if your peeps (a) aren't very tech savvy, (b) if tech is constantly getting in the way of their success, and/or (c) they lack basic online business foundational structures. Many affiliates LOVE how CMS fills in gaps in their own offers... your clients get better results with YOUR stuff because CMS helps them stay focused and get the actual tech implementation DONE.

Commission Structure & Bonuses

This launch is for CMS Self-Study, our yearlong membership program that is currently $997/year or $97/month for 12 months. You earn 40% of every sale you make and commissions are recurring, meaning that as people renew into their next year(s) in CMS, you continue to earn your commissions.

In addition to your commissions, you can earn bonus commissions for being among our top affiliate partners. Details & terms are below.


When your referrals purchase an annual membership, you earn 40% per sale.
(appx. $400/year)

When your referrals purchase an annual membership using the monthly payment plan, you earn 40% per successful payment.
(appx. $40/month)

You can also earn 2nd tier commissions by referring your own affiliates to us. Your referrals earn the standard 40% and you get an additional 10% for each of their sales. Please email us at to get set up.

4 Simple Steps to Become an Affiliate

Earn appx. $400+ per sale (recurring! it's a membership!) as a CMS Affiliate: 

Get Your Affiliate Link:

Click here to sign up for your unique affiliate tracking link.

You'll earn appx. $40 per month for each monthly member you refer & appx. $400 per year for each annual member you refer.

Your unique tracking link will look something like this:

Sign Up for Facebook Group

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This is the main hub for the affiliate community. This is where we send out updates, answer questions, connect you to your KCC Affiliate family.

Please Note: All applications to join the KCC Affiliates FB Group are manually approved. Please allow a few days for your approval to come through. 

Mark These Dates

We'll be sure to let you know the next time we open cart. 

Mark these dates on your calendar :


Once registered as an affiliate you will receive your promo package.


It's super-easy to share the love: Just use the unique link you received in Step 1 to enroll people in the free workshop that leads to the offer.

Need help finding swipe copy for emails or your promo link? Find them in the Facebook Group.

Once the promo window is open, it's time to share your ink!

We're also deploying our evergreen affiliate launch soon - stay tuned. :)

A Peek Behind the Curtain...

Get an in-depth look at everything that's in CMS, plus testimonials, FAQs, current bonus package & more...

See the CMS Sales Page

(do not share publicly please - this page does not track your traffic/commissions)

Let's do this!

Your recommendations mean everything to me - thank you! CMS has made a difference for hundreds of entrepreneurs and it's an honor to have your support spreading the word.

If you have ANY questions at all, please connect with Marie, my JV Manager, at

~Kathryn Calhoun