(even if you've sucked at selling till now) 

"I love what I do, but I hate the selling part."

"I just want to help people - I don't care about the money."

"I feel bad charging for something I can do for free."

"I'm worried people are going to be upset about my pricing."

"I just want to focus on my zone of genius. I wish I didn't have to sell." 

IF THIS IS YOU, please do yourself a favor: Take 2 minutes and read my message to you below. My all-new "Simple, Stress-Free Selling" course (and its pilot tuition level!) might be able to help...

Whether or not you & I ever cross paths again, I want you to know there is an easier way to sell your stuff that does not feel awkward and stressful. Selling does not have to be as hard as it's been for you up till now. I'm here to help.

My name is Kathryn Calhoun - I'm your online business coach and I used to SUCK at selling.

I have a 6-figure business now but it was a stressful little 4-figure business until I figured out how to sell...

  • I spent 3 years in a $25,000 program teaching me about selling and I still could NOT close sales.
  • Every time I had to make an offer I would get all sweaty, my face would blush, and every coherent thought would leave my head.
  • I did webinars but almost nobody showed up and definitely nobody bought.
  • I would think "oh #$!&*" instead of "yay!" when someone booked a discovery call because I dreaded using the sales script I had & I was always positive I was going to embarrass myself.

Maybe you can relate? If so, I'm glad you're here because selling is about to get sooooo much easier for you...

Caution: If you want to have an actual business, selling is a non-negotiable. You CAN'T skip this part. If you:

  • Get stressed out & jittery every time you try to sell
  • Feel bad, awkward, or guilty asking for money or charging for what you do
  • Worry that you've been doing so much for free, people are going to get upset when you try to charge
  • Are so sick of putting yourself out there and getting 'no's (or radio silence!) alllll the time
  • Are frustrated you aren't making money BUT you haven't really been making offers
  • Keep way too busy with all the things (making handouts, videos, slides, reworking your course, tweaking your website etc. etc. etc.) EXCEPT putting yourself out there and selling
  • Are confused on how to price, package, and/or explain your stuff to your prospects
  • Struggle with sales scripts, high-pressure sales tactics, and selling models that just don't feel good TO YOU

YES to any of the above? First: You're Not Alone.
Second: There IS an easier way to sell your stuff...

After YEARS of hating selling, feeling anxious about making offers, and being embarrassed by how poorly I was doing in my business...

...I finally found a way that worked. FOR ME.

...And my all-new Simple, Stress-Free Selling Course shows you the path to finding a sales style that works FOR YOU TOO.

(Seriously, if I'd put together yet another "one size fits all" sales how-to, that would kind of defeat the purpose!)

Here's what I want you to know:

Simple, Stress-Free Selling means the freedom to package and charge in a way that feels AMAZING to you AND get paid very well to do it.

Simple, Stress-Free Selling means skipping the scripts, losing those awful high-pressure tactics, and actually loving your sales process.

Simple, Stress-Free Selling means NOT shoehorning yourself into someone else's approach but finding a sales style that fits YOU and feels awesome to YOU.

The Simple, Stress-Free Selling Course is all about tapping into that part of you that not only CAN sell, but LOVES to sell and is AWESOME at it... (It's in there, promise!)

Introducing My All-New Simple, Stress-Free Selling 6-Module Course...

EVERYTHING you need to be able to clearly articulate the value of what you do and sell your stuff SIMPLY, with less fear, less stress, more fun and (of course!) more sales...

Succeeding with sales requires 3 vital ingredients.

The Simple Stress-Free Selling Course covers all three:

(1) Sales Mindset & Confidence - It's almost impossible to sell when you feel scared, unsure, or guilty. Get easy mindset hacks so you LOVE & feel GREAT making offers.

(2) Sales Psychology - WHY do people choose to buy? When you know the simple rules of what makes humans say YES, selling stops being a guessing game.

(3) Sales Tactics & Skills - Learn how to create 100% no-brainer offers AND how to clearly articulate them so it's a super-easy and excited YES from your clients.

A quick rundown of what you can expect in the course:

  • EVERYTHING you need to become an entrepreneur who can actually sell without stress
  • How to get out of your own way and actually start selling in a way that feels good to YOU (because you WILL NOT be successful in your business until you get the sales thing under control)
  • How to create offers & bonus packages that are easy, no-brainer HECK YESES for your perfect people
  • How to price your stuff in a way that feels great to you and honors where you are
  • Webinars? Discovery calls? Something else? Uncover the best way to sell FOR YOU
  • How to sell with zero awkwardness, pressure, or weird sales tactics
  • Templates (not scripts) for navigating the sales process in a way that honors YOU actually connects with your prospect WITHOUT you feeling like you're deliberately "pushing on their pain" or creating false scarcity
  • Simple secrets to navigating objections without feeling gross about it
  • Copywriting hacks to make writing and talking about your offer as easy as pie - works for sales pages, sales emails, discovery calls, webinars and sooooo much more
  • How to STOP feeling bad about selling and start feeling great about growing a profitable business that actually sustains you
  • 6 Training Modules & 6 Prerecorded Q&A Calls & lifetime support for questions
  • + $3,000 in bonuses (see below)

My all-new Simple, Stress-Free Selling Course is available now at a special rate until:

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Learning how to sell? Very important.

Having actual people to sell TO?

Also very important!

This complete on-demand course shows you exactly how I went from business idea to first paying client in just 6 days using Facebook.

This is the exact FREE strategy I used with zero visibility in a brand new business to get my first paying client... no Facebook Ads, no pre-existing audience.

- $500 VALUE


Webinars are one of my favorite ways to sell, but they have to be done right and they CAN be a little "techie"...

This course includes how to plan your webinar, design a talk format that sells your stuff, and fill your webinar with people so you actually have people to HEAR your offer. Plus, you also get my complete webinar TECH video walkthrough so you know how to set everything up.

- Video Training
- Workbook
- Techie how-to video walkthrough

- $500 VALUE


For real: Stop dithering with module outlines, making slides, recording & editing videos, creating worksheets, evaluating tech tools, building websites etc. etc. etc.…

You ABSOLUTELY can get your course PLANNED, DONE and SOLD in a week or less with Kathryn’s signature “hair on fire” method.

...AND at the end not only have you gotten PAID to build your course, now you have a course ready to sell going forward!

No more procrastinating. No more waiting to monetize. No more guesswork. This deep-dive pre-recorded training shows you EXACTLY how to just get it done and start getting paid FAST.

- $1,500 VALUE


Your Simple, Stress-Free Selling Course includes foundational training on how to navigate objections with grace and confidence, without coming across as pushy.

BUT! Once you nail the basics of overcoming objections, I want to make sure you have the next step up because this is what will really take your selling to the next level, especially if you want to sell very high-ticket packages.

I am SO excited I got my friend, mindset coach, and former honest-to-goodness SPY for the CIA to help with this. Her name is Martha Wilson and she is a complete master at selling high-ticket and overcoming some really tough objections in some VERY unexpected, out-of-the-box ways that still feel completely 100% amazing and true to YOU. (You're going to love this.)

- $500 VALUE

$1,997 $997 sale! $297 Tuition + $3K in Bonuses...
(or 4 easy payments of $97/month)


Want to Know All the Details? Here's the Rundown...


  • MODULE 1: Obliterating the Blocks - How to stop feeling bad about selling & embrace your authentic inner sales genius that not only CAN sell but LOVES to sell and is AWESOME AT IT  
  • MODULE 2: Designing Offers + Bonus Packages - How to finally know exactly what to put in your offers so it's an easy, no-brainer YES for your ideal client PLUS what bonuses you need to really take it over the top with value
  • MODULE 3: Pricing Secrets + Getting Paid - How to stop dithering over what to charge, whether to sell high ticket or low ticket, or how to actually collect money... We're covering pricing secrets to make this part of selling easy-peasy once and for all
  • MODULE 4: Webinars & Discovery Calls - How to Say What You Do in a Way That Sells - Discovery calls. Webinar talks. Sales pages. Emails. Social media posts. Writing and speaking about your offer can be incredibly difficult. No more staring at a blinking cursor or getting tongue tied! Here we cover the secrets of knowing exactly what to say in a way that sells.
  • MODULE 5: Selling Psychology - Learn the 11 things your prospects MUST know before they'll be ready to buy from you and how to easily tick all 11 boxes while discussing your offers with your prospects.
  • MODULE 6: Navigating Objections - My out-of-the-box secrets for NOT letting objections derail you so you can step into that unknown part of sales conversations and webinars with total confidence.
  • Pre-recorded Q&A sessions for each module
  • Lifetime Q&A via Kathryn's Facebook Group

Your $3,000 Bonus Package (6x your tuition!!):

  • BONUS #1: Get Prospects from Facebook for Free - $500 value
  • BONUS #2: Webinar How-To Mini-Course - Video training, workbook + Tech Walkthrough - $500 value
  • BONUS #3: Plan, Build & Sell Your Course in 1 Week or Less - $1,500 value
  • BONUS #4: Overcoming Objections 201 - How to take your sales skills to the next level & simplify high-ticket selling - $500 value

Your Tuition Options:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the course run live? Is the content dripped out? What if I can't attend?

A: The course is not live and you will have lifetime access to the handouts & recordings. All modules and handouts are on-demand and NOT dripped out, so you can progress at your own pace. You also get lifetime Q&A (my lifetime lol) inside my private Facebook Group.

Q: Is this a sales tactics course? A mindset course?

A: It's both. Confidence while selling is THE MOST IMPORTANT key to being able to sell, but you also need strategies to be able to clearly articulate what you do because if people don't really "get" what you're selling, they're never going to buy.

We also go into foundational sales psychology, which makes selling SO MUCH EASIER because when you understand what people need from you in order to get to yes, you get to stop guessing and just do what works.

Q: I'm not sure how much time I have for this. Should I wrap up my other commitments first?

A: Here's how you can tell if this course will fit into your life:

  • If you're currently wasting hours or days working on everything except your sales skills...
  • If you've purchased other programs you can't fully implement because you're not able to successfully ask for the sale...
  • If you're spending crazy amounts of time trying to craft offers, write sales copy, or find people to sell to with no results...

...This course was designed to help you fast-track your success. It will not TAKE you more time. It will SAVE YOU MORE TIME.

If you're reeeealllllly busy...

Well, we're all busy. (I know I am.)

Whether you have 1 hour a week or 60 to devote to your business, the key thing I want for you is to PRIORITIZE MONETIZATION.

If you are short on time but you are SERIOUS about the success of your business, Simple, Stress-Free Selling will help you get there faster because you'll finally be able to sell in a way that feels good to you AND actually works.

Q: I'm just getting started and/or I really suck at selling and/or I'm really introverted or shy. Are you sure you can help?

A: If you aren't making money yet or are making money very irregularly and it feels like luck vs. something you can control, this course was DESIGNED for you.

Success with selling requires (1) the right mindset, (2) the right sales skills FOR YOU, and (3) an understanding of basic sales psychology. If you show up and do the work, you'll be able to start selling more effectively.

The other piece you absolutely have to understand is that until you can sell, you don't have a real business. You may not care about making money or you may wish you could just give it all away for free, but for most of us, reality means we need have money coming in to pay the bills, keep a roof over our heads, and put food on the table.

Or, you may wish you could just avoid selling altogether because of how scary it feels or how bad you think you are at it. Again, until you can sell, you don't have a real business. You can't just say, "I love what I do but I hate selling."

If you're an entrepreneur, you have to do both. This course will help make it easier, more fun, and more effective.

A little PS for my shy or introverted entrepreneurs: Being introverted is actually an asset when you stop trying to fit into somebody else's mold. I'm so shy that I won't even order pizza over the phone. I am introverted and have an anxious personality. If I can figure out how to sell without wanting to throw up, literally anybody can.

Q: What if I haven't settled on a business idea or ideal client yet? Can you help?

A: YES. If you are committed to taking action during this course, there is NOTHING that will get you clarity faster than starting to sell your stuff. During the course you will be given exercises to land on an ideal client and offer that is perfect for you for right now - and then you get to evolve from there.

Q: Is this course going to teach me exactly the way YOU do it, Kathryn? I just want to copy a proven model.

A: Copying someone else's model when it comes to sales will only get you so far. In my case, it got me pretty much nowhere.

When you try to show up to a sales conversation or webinar with somebody else's script, somebody else's words, somebody else's personality... your prospects can feel that. And they don't generally like it.

The best way to sell is to show up as YOURSELF. That may sound crazy (it certainly did to me once upon a time). If you've tried other models on for size and they didn't work for you, it's highly likely the missing ingredient was YOU.

So: Yes, I will tell you how I sell and share lots of stories (good and bad) so you can see how everything works. AND you'll also be given exercises along the way so you can tap into your OWN inner sales brilliance because that's what's actually going to work for you. I promise it's in there. :)

Q: What if I am already pretty decent at selling? Can you help me uplevel my skills?

A: Probably not.

This course is designed for beginner entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who have been at it for awhile but rarely, if ever, make money and often feel like finding prospects and closing sales is a matter of luck instead of skill.

Also, I put together this course from the perspective of someone (me!) who is not naturally good at selling, struggled for years, and finally had to find her own way. If you already feel reasonably comfortable selling, you may find this course doesn't meet your needs as we will not be covering advanced strategies.

Q: What if I don't get results?

A: Truth time: You have to do the work. This course is not a magic pill. Listening to me and learning from me is not enough to improve your selling ability. You HAVE to be willing to step up for yourself, try stuff on for size, make mistakes and learn from them.

Make no mistake: Making offers is an act of courage.

If you haven't been making a lot of offers or you've heard "no" a lot and you're discouraged, this course may give you butterflies in your stomach at times!

I know you can do this. I know I can help. None of that can happen without your action. If you WANT something different in your business, you have to decide to DO something different.

Q: I'm not sure I can afford this course. Any tips?

A: Yep! A few things: 

  • This is by far the lowest-cost way to get in on this program, while it's still in pilot. I'm only looking for students who understand the over-the-top value of this course. Heck, any one of the bonuses alone more than covers the cost! If $997 (only $297 during the sale!) feels like too much, this probably isn't a fit.
  • It should only take very, very few new clients/sales for you to recoup your nominal investment.
  • If you've bought programs and tools in the past that aren't working for you because selling continues to be the missing piece, this course will help make those investments pay off, too.
  • I know it can be hard to spend money before you're making money. If you're on a tight budget, set a goal for yourself to make your money back before the course ends. You can do it and the course will help with support & accountability.
  • If you are serious about succeeding but suck at selling, you need to invest in help. It is 100% TRUE that it takes money to make money - the good news is that with this course, your upfront investment is next to nothing and you can make your money back quickly, often with 1 single sale.
  • I have a payment plan for you if that helps. Be sure to select your preferred payment plan when checking out.

My all-new Simple, Stress-Free Selling Course is available now at a special rate:

Only $1,997 $997 on sale! $297 for the complete course with lifetime access + Q&A + $3,000 bonus package: