Are you FINDING & TALKING TO your prospects consistently? REALLY, ARE YOU?

The simple truth is:

  • You can't make money consistently if you aren't getting out there consistently.
  • You can't make money consistently if you aren't talking to prospects consistently.
  • You can't make money consistently if you aren't making offers consistently.  

I know this SEEMS obvious... yet almost every entrepreneur I meet is making SOME OR ALL of these mistakes:

  • Taking forever to build a course/ website/ freebie BEFORE getting out there
  • Not putting yourself out there, then stressing that nobody's paying attention
  • Overcomplicating everything so you're spinning in circles vs. making real progress
  • Waiting until you "feel ready" to make offers (Spoiler Alert: You'll never feel completely ready.)
  • Posting all over social media (with zero results) instead of doing what actually gets you found
  • Waiting around for clients to seek you out instead of taking charge and MAKING IT HAPPEN

YES to any of the above? First: You're Totally Normal. Second: The 21-Day "Get Out There" Challenge was DESIGNED FOR YOU...  

If you want more clients, you can't just hide behind your computer... 

You HAVE to put yourself out there consistently...

You HAVE to build the habit...

(And it really helps if you have support along the way...)

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I'll keep this short: Here's what you get...

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  • Full access to the 21-Day "Get Out There" Challenge with prerecorded videos (go at your own pace!) plus Facebook Group support.
  • Build your "getting out there" muscle.
  • Learn WHERE to find your people and HOW to talk to them so they want to buy.
  • Get the support you know you need to finally grow the business you're meant to have.
  • LIFETIME access to all challenge materials (ideal if you want to do the challenge again or want to give yourself more time to go through it).
  • "Get Out There" 21-Day Challenge Workbook to keep all your ideas & progress in one place.
  • Checklists & Cheat Sheets to fast-track you finding your prospects
  • Coupon codes for up to 50% discounts on select other programs

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